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Pocket Fennec - Your City Guide

Pocket Fennec is Offline Audio Travel Guide in your pocket

It turns your smartphone into an essential personal companion. Simply walk through the city and listen as the story unfolds naturally in real time of the places you are visiting or you can listen again at a later time as a reminder of your experience.

Pocket Fennec - Your City Guide
welcome to Praha Karlovy Vary Cesky Krumlov Kutna Hora Czech Republic Vienna Austria Berlin Dresden Germany Europe gothic renesance baroque Budapest Hungary

It is offline

No connection needed

Selected routes are for free


The Pocket Fennec team carefully research, select and recommend the places of most interest to visit, places such as buildings, structures and areas of historical significance which are at the same time also noteworthy for their outstanding beauty as well as for the exceptional stories behind them.

Audio sence

You obtain information that is not found in this format anywhere else. Pocket Fennec is unique in this respect. Pocket Fennec arouses curiosity and is fun to use.

You will experience extraordinary and unforgettable moments using this application as your audio senses are joined to your visual senses to help enliven your experience. You won’t just ‘see’ a place, now you will also ‘know’ it. You may try a sample of each route for free.

What is it?

Pocket Fennec helps you get the most out of your visits to new cities, whether on business or pleasure or a combination of both. It will bring a whole new experience to the enjoyment of travel, seeing familiar places in a completely new way.


Simply download the app, select the route, choose your favourite language, put on your headphones and start your journey.


The application uses GPS navigation to guide you from place to place and automatically plays the audio commentary relevant to your actual position. You may also check where you are by simply looking at the map on your smartphone or tablet display.


Enjoy your sightseeing route for only the price of cup of coffee, while saving on the price of a tour guide The Pocket Fennec gives you complete freedom to choose your own pace and you will always know where you are.

4 Steps to go

1 Find your city

Here you will find the city in which we prepared a route for you.

You will see offered cities on this background picture.

Each city has its number of routes available and completed by you.

To Continue – simply tap on the city of choice.

2 Choose a route

The next step is to choose your route. Browse our large collection of marvelous routes and make your choice!

On this page you can easily check all the routes by name, background picture and by basic info such as, length of the walk and the number of Points of Interest (POI).

Previously purchased routes are clearly indicated.

3 Get all the details

Here you have detailed information about the route you are interested in. Name, location, and distance, estimated route timetable, number of POI and wheelchair accessibility.

You can change your language preference or English is the default language on the audio tracks here. The language of your system or English language is marked by default .

Tapping on ‘Try demo’ will show you a free sample of the route with references to POI.

Tapping on ‘Buy route’ indicating ‘preferred language’ – you will be directed to ‘confirm your purchase’ and then the activation of the full route will start immediately.

4 Take the tour!

The route screen shows your active route and all POI are marked on the offline map.

The active POI is in Yellow - surrounded by active zone. Entering the zone audio track the relevant POI will begin to play automatically.

You may pause or skip the audio using the control bar on the bottom of the screen.

Tapping photo icon will show you the overall panel with a short caption and picture relevant to the current point. Enjoy listening to the story behind the places!

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Pocket Fennec - Your City Guide

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to enrich your travel experience with rewarding insight. Have fun!

Pocket Fennec - Your City Guide